A woman’s MIND is her greatest ASSet. Not her booty

A woman who considers her body, especially her butt as her greatest asset is heading for a disappointment.

A recent article by Mack Major, an author, businessman and Social Commentator strongly discourages women from considering their butt their greatest asset.

The article continues to provoke a heated debate on this issue.

Contributing to the discussion, Mr Major notes that “A depreciating asset is no asset at all.”

Responding to one of our readers who holds that there are men who are willing to spend a fortune in order to play with a woman’s body, Mr Major says: “Just because a FEW men are willing to pay a woman just to play with her body, does not mean her body is worth much at all. And let’s be honest: how many women do you know who are earning 68 million from their bodies alone? Not many at all. Most strippers are broke party girls with no tangible assets, as are video vixens.”

Mr Major then hammers his point home: “A woman’s MIND is her greatest asset. Not her booty.”

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

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