Is a BUTT is a woman’s greatest ASSet? Topic sparks heated debate


When a man is attracted to your butt, your butt is what he’s really after, says Mack Major

An article we published recently discouraging women from considering their butt their greatest asset has sparked a heated debate.

“Butt is not an asset” by Mack Major argues that many women who think “BUTT is their greatest ASSet” end up using it “with the quickness to attract a man.”

The article however warns women against using their butts to attract men. Mr Major writes: “When a man is attracted to your butt, your butt is what he’s really after. And just like a kid with a new toy; once he’s done playing with your butt and the newness of it has worn off, he’ll be off to find his next plaything.”

The following are some of the comments from our readers

“I love my butt. It is one of my many assets.”

“My butt is essential in me having great sex… It provides a great foundation.”

“Your butt is something that is lusted over, you don’t receive a crown for that, why women love to show it off is beyond me.”

“The truth be told, it’s an attraction for the opposite sex. Nature’s intent. Like broad shoulders in a man, the hips in the female, sometimes the small hips of the man as well as sometimes the breast of a woman. One cannot see a person’s personality before the aesthetics.  That is why physical attraction is foremost. No matter how smart Jane or John Doe is, the first initial look is the physical attributes. Once that is past, then people make a decision on whether to continue romancing the mind, or enjoy the body or both.”

“…. a person who is attracted to that part of the anatomy knows that it is what turns them on, so they seek females with that attribute. Some men like thighs, some face, some breasts. People go for what is attractive to them.”

“By “nature” men are visual and women tend to be less so and perhaps more stimulated by “sound” and “touch”. I say if you have it flaunt it but just be aware of who is being attracted by it and why. Like they say sometimes it’s a case of “nice house but nobody home”. People adapt to physical attraction and sooner or later the *person* we are involved with has to trump physical attraction.”

“I prefer face over butt.”

“A good mind is what most people are looking for, it helps also if the body is pleasing to the eye!”

Parade goer with nice fingernails at the Carnival parade in the Mission District of San Francisco, USA

“I like big butts and cannot lie. Nothing wrong with a big round boot and the fact its predominantly black women that are blessed with such an ASSet it shud be embraced. U can have a big butt, flaunt it a little and still have self-respect.”

“Men appreciate the butt more than I realized. Oh yes!! Am gonna flaunt what my mama gave me…”

“We men will take up a dumb ass woman and treat her like a queen just to look at that ass, trust me I have seen it, man distributing his wealth, buying women cars and showering them with all sorts.”

“Butts are overrated and you should be squatting for health not to catch lustful eyes. That’s why people who do squats make me sick. It’s a fad to them now. You need more than a butt. Surely.”

“The reality is we men love women, we normally see a woman’s physique before anything else, so the game has been played out that way.”

“We are who we are, there are some things that won’t change. As long as there is an attraction between the sexes people will look and like what they see. Black women tend to have beautiful protruding butts and black many a black man will continue to love that about them.”

“When you put on that tight dress do you think it’s the dress that a man really likes, it’s the fit my dear and what it fits around.”

“The writer of this post sure has little regard for women. To say a woman’s behind is just a toy, a play thing for a man, is a bit off base. Women, do have a say in the matter. Like, telling a guy you are too shallow if all you care about is my shape. Women have every right in the world to show off that work of art, called their bodies. A man has every right to admire her beauty, while listening to her thoughts. Yes, some men do objectify women. Every man looks at a woman through his own lens. The first thing that should enter a man’s thoughts is; respect this woman, regardless of the size of her behind.”

“Quite an awesome write-up. Wow—impressive.”


“So refreshing to hear real talk. Too many women are putting their health at risk to get that butt or body to attract men and not putting all that time into educating themselves and having a sense of self meaning self-respect, self-worth and the list can go on. Whatever you put out there that is what you will attract.”

“True words, ladies it’s coming from a man, get your act together. Nuff respect to the writer.”

“It’s about time to hear some home truth. Come you women out there use your brain and stop flaunting what you have or haven’t got.”

What do you think of the above comments? Do you think a BUTT is a woman’s greatest ASSet? Please leave comments and share!