My 7 Favourite Wolof Proverbs

Wolof proverbs also demonstrate the amazing and colourful; both in their meaning and in the wisdoms of it’s senegambian speakers. Similar to the amazing traditional wisdom of Lingala, Bambara and Pidgin sayings; Wolof proverbs also demonstrate the amazing and colourful wisdom of the speakers of this language who are based in Senegal and Gambia.


Here are the best 7 to take home for the week:

1) Duma jend jay ci pax. I won’t buy a serpent in the hole.
Never pay for anything until after you have it, and then try to pay with exact change if possible. It’s a lesson everybody has to learn the hard way once, and then you will always remember. You can also use this in jest when telling people you’ll sell your age if they’ll do a certain dance move, which I frequently do.

2) ñit ni lay garabam. People are medicine for people.

We all need each other; the Senegalese understamd this perfectly! No man is an Island.
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