The AfroNews features news about the Black Community in the UK. It is fully at the service of the Community, creating a communicating Community, and promoting a positive image of ourselves and the Community.

The AfroNews celebrates our Community’s achievements. It provides a platform for us to challenge each other to aim higher, and to give full support to those with special talents and skills as they struggle to reach their full potential.

The AfroNews focuses on the good things our people do which are usually ignored. We want to be a good news newspaper. And we want this paper to be the Community’s notice board, where we find information about what’s going on in our Community. We encourage all our readers to become our correspondents.

The paper features relevant news all Black Community members need for their daily lives. The AfroNews features latest immigration news and legal guides for those who plan to come to the UK, and for those who have recently come to the UK and require a better understanding of the country they’re living in.

It also features International news, with special focus on Caribbean and African news.

The Afro News is an online magazine of My Own Media group, from an idea of Francesco Costa and ISI Media