Butt is not an asset

A lot of women seem to think BUTT is their greatest ASSet. And they will use it with the quickness to attract a man.

black womanBut here’s the one fatal flaw in that strategy ladies:

When a man is attracted to your butt, your butt is what he’s really after. And just like a kid with a new toy; once he’s done playing with your butt and the newness of it has worn off, he’ll be off to find his next plaything.

A man will typically start losing interest in new butt right around the 3 month mark. Six at the latest. By then he’s already done any and every nasty, freaky thing to it he can imagine. The novelty of playing with it wears off.

And it won’t be long before NEW butt is on the menu.

You ever seen a kid who has every toy you can mention, having a hissy fit at the store because his mom won’t buy the newest toy on the shelf? Does he really need a new toy to play with? Nope. But he wants it anyway, because it’s something new.

And that’s how men are when it comes to butts.

When you do everything in your power to accentuate your derriere, trying to pull a man’s attention, you’re actually appealing to the child in him. You’re appealing to his low attention span, just like the new toy appeals to a kid.

So expecting him to ‘man up’ one day and treat you like a wife is wishing on a star at best.

I’m just providing a little relationship game for you, because I see way too much attention placed on BUTTS, and little attention given to BRAINS. Whichever you use to attract a guy is what he’ll want you for in the end.

By Mack Major,
Author, Businessman and Social Commentator. His website is: edendecoded.com.

Mr Major is the author of “Sexy Is Not Enough: The NO BS relationship talk for black on black relationships”