Kieran Long, a 15-year-old boy secures a place in World Motorsports Championship finals

Kieran Long has only been in the motorsports industry for one year, considered a late comer at the age of 15.

However, with determination and setbacks stemming from lack of funding in an extremely expensive sport, being overweight at the start and having to juggle the sport with school it is almost hard to believe that he is competing on the same track at international level with those who have been racing for over six years.

kieran-longThe young boy whose mother is a well know community leader and TV presenter Dr Pauline Long is so committed to the sport that he hard to work extra hard to shed off 15kg in weight as a result of being turned down by various teams.

Kieran was pleased as the news of his international place at CIK-FIA World Championship finals came in. He however narrowly missed the chance as his medical examination detected a critical heart condition.

With a second and more thorough scan, he was cleared to get his international license to race at the world finals.

His mother, Dr Long shared a post about Kieran on Facebook with several well-wishers sending messages of hope to Kieran: “He is a superstar, he is a star. He inspires all of us. He knows the sacrifices that the family make for him, he doesn’t want to let anyone down. So, I’m not surprised at his fast progress. He is inspired by Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton.”

kieranKieran is currently preparing to enter Formula 4. He continues to aim for the top rank of Formula 1 race.

The following are some of the comments on Dr Long’s post on Facebook:

Carolyn Yienya: “I pray for Kieran and you know God never lets his children down. All is well Pauline; may God go forth before him. God bless him as he races to victory. He’s already a Champ!”

Jo Nganda: “God is just getting started with him. Go get them Kieran. All the best of luck.”

Patricia Highlyfavoured Benjamin: “What a star he is. You must be so proud. Well done to him for all his hard work and every success for his future.”

Lekia Lée: “Go go go Kieran!! You have got all it takes. You will make it happen.”

Christine Kayisha: “This is great! he’s a fighter! I wish him so much success ….”

Praise Funmi: “Big congratulations dear. The hand of God is upon him. He will excel in Jesus mighty name. Amen.”