Celebrities attend the premiere of “The Diary”, a superb crime thriller – PHOTOS

Celebrity guests from all industries recently attended the premiere of “The Diary”, a fast-paced, hard hitting crime thriller at Empire Cinema, in London.

the-diaryThe short film by Award-winning Director, Actor, Producer and Writer Fredi “Kruga” Nwaka, is centred on Detective Inspector Anisa Powell, a strong, powerful female lead played by Jamelia.

Detective Inspector Powell is a lady who grew up on the tough streets of Handsworth in Birmingham but moved to London to pursue her childhood dream, a career in the Metropolitan Police force.

the-diary1It wasn’t long before she excelled to a high ranking position in the Met but with it came the pressure of not just being a female in a male dominated organisation but also being one of Afro Caribbean descent.

the-diary2Not one to be deterred by pressure or stereotypes, Detective Inspector Powell faces her biggest challenge yet as she must catch a prolific serial killer…. before she becomes the next victim.

In the film there are nine bodies, one suspect, and one clue-a diary.

the-diary3The concept film in its short form is fully coherent yet somehow leaves you wanting more, which augurs well for its future as a longer form movie.

Fredi pulled together a great cast consisting of Winston Ellis, Fidel, Jamelia and many more.

He at the same time carefully avoided the stereotypes for black females.

The Production team from East London Studios also proved their metal with the quality of the visual, continuity and audio.

the-diary4And Fredi’s efforts in putting this together as Writer, Director, Producer and Actor clearly show that he is ready for the next step with a feature film. Incidentally, he attributes his creativity to his son.

The showing was greeted with loud applause, everyone loves a good whodunit.

All in all, “The Diary” is a great production and has a great potential for a feature film.

It is in fact hard to believe that this short movie was shot in just over three days.

By Cherise Makubale

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