Rapper Vicmass LuoDollar makes a passionate appeal to Kenyans abroad

Vicmass LuoDollar, a popular Kenyan rapper has urged Kenyans abroad to unite and support each other.

Kenyan rapper Vicmass LuoDollar

Kenyan rapper Vicmass LuoDollar

The musician who rose to fame with his “Bank Otuch” hit said he was saddened to see wealthy and influential Kenyans abroad, especially women take to social media to tear each other apart.

“All the insults are hurting,” Vicmass LuoDollar said.

He challenged Kenyans abroad to use the social media to share ideas, make people happy and promote their business both back home and in their new countries.

He also appealed to them to unite and support Kenyan musicians by inviting them for shows abroad.

Vicmass LuoDollar praised Tanzanians, Nigerians and Ghanaians for constantly joining hands to invite musicians from their home countries to come abroad for concerts.

The young musician who rose from rags to riches pleaded with Kenyans abroad to bury the hatchet, come together, share ideas and do business together.

“Let’s do business, let’s share and sell ideas, let’s eat and laugh together,” Vicmass LuoDollar said. “Why the hell you are you fighting your fellow Kenyan abroad?”

He reminded Kenyans abroad that they belong to the same country and should therefore “embrace each other with positivity and encouraging words.”

“I want to eat in a Kenyan hotel when I visit New York next year. I want to cut my hair in a Kenyan barbershop/saloon when I visit Germany, Canada, France, UK, Turkey, etc. I want to be served by Kenyans or Africans when I visit any country out there,” Vicmass LuoDollar said.

“Please come together and make peace,” he said, stressing that Kenyans abroad should learn to forgive each other whenever there are misunderstandings.

Vicmass LuoDollar praised Sporah Njau, a London based Tanzanian TV show host who frequently hosts Tanzanian musicians in her show – The Sporah Show.

He thanked all Kenyan DJs, TV and radio programme hosts who play Kenyan and other African music.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a