David Cameron pays tribute to Martin Luther King’s “incredible life and legacy”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has paid tribute to Dr Martin Luther King Junior saying he “remains a figure of truly historical significance.”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

UK Prime Minister David Cameron visited Dr Martin Luther King Junior’s Memorial as part of US trip

During his to Washington, Mr Cameron paid his respects to the father of the US civil rights movement at the official memorial dedicated to the inspirational African-American pastor and humanitarian.

“Martin Luther King remains a figure of truly historical significance – not just in the United States but for the world as a whole,” Mr Cameron said. “As we mark the birthday of the great man we are reminded of his incredible life and legacy.”

He went on to say that the late Martin Luther King’s “leadership in the civil rights movement, which helped shape and change an entire nation for the better, remains an inspiration to millions of people regardless their age, creed or colour.”

Located in National Mall, Washington, the Martin Luther King Junior memorial is just metres from the Lincoln Memorial where in 1963 he delivered his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech during the height of the civil rights movement. The memorial is near the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and sits within a “line of leadership” from the Lincoln Memorial to the Jefferson Memorial.

The late Martin Luther King’s “words still echo in the minds of those who heard them and enthuse those born in the years that have followed,” Mr Cameron said. “And his actions of non-violent activism – in the face of violence and intimidation – give hope to those still seeking equality and freedom. Let his dream never die.”

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