Betty Makoni’s Poem for peaceful elections in Kenya

Muzvare Betty Makoni

When I asked my great Zimbabwean friend CNN Hero and gender activist Betty Makoni for an interview, I knew it would be a tall order as she is one of the busiest people I know.

With over 32 international awards under her belt Betty has assisted over 100,000 raped girls and the number is rising.

I was expecting to have an interview with her but instead she drafted a poem dedicated to Kenya. Thank you Betty, we shall get that interview one day but for now, this is one of the best dedications I have seen for the beautiful country Kenya.

Kenya: Voting is Vetting

Kenya peace be with every child …peace and more peace.
Protect children from violence and rape

Voting is vetting
Voting is sifting
Voting is choosing between
Voting is the majority
Voting is telling the truth
Voting is voice

Voting is sifting;
Grain from chaff
Gold from Thrash
Perishables from non perishables
New from old
Truth from lies
Reality from fantasy
Professional from politicians

Voting is choosing between;
Good from bad
Sense from nonsense
Peace from war
Life from death

Voting is cleaning;
Dirty politics

Voting is re positioning for;
Development and prosperity
Education with knowledge
Democracy and freedom
Peace and prosperity
Unity and purpose
Competent leaders for global competition
Right job for right person
Transparency and accountability

Voting is not;
Killing innocent children
Nor burning them alive
Raping defenceless women and girls
Nor forcing them to vote you
Buying votes and bullying
Nor counting them inflated
Voting is simply a choice
Voting is the majority
Voting is telling the truth

Copyright: Muzvare Betty Makoni

To Pauline Long and all Kenyans during this hour of voting. No life should be lost.