Why Lee Jasper should become Croydon North’s MP

If asked why Lee Jasper should become an MP, my answer would be simple: to take to Parliament his determination to fight for justice and remind MPs and the Government of the sufferings ordinary people are going through because of ruthless budget cuts.

Mr. Jasper, who is the former policy adviser to the London Mayor, is Respect’s candidate for the Croydon North by-election.

Mr. Lee Jasper is standing as Respect’s candidate in the Croydon North by-election

I can’t wait to hear that Mr. Jasper has become an MP.

Mr. Jasper is one of the most vocal community leaders against racism, discrimination, injustice, deaths in custody, etc.

He has brilliant ideas which for years, he has been spreading through community events. Time has come for Mr. Jasper to take those same ideas to Parliament, in that very place where laws governing the country are made.

Mr. Jasper is a champion of justice, a man who will never ignore someone’s cry for justice, regardless of the person’s race. He has personally and relentlessly supported many victims of injustice in their fight for justice. Families of people who have died in custody can testify to this.

A quality I greatly admire in Mr. Jasper is his courage to stand for and openly express his views even when they are considered controversial and unpopular.

He is a person who never shies away from supporting unpopular campaigns – whether it means doing it alone.

Not many black MPs in the UK have stood by the community and opposed budget cuts which are disproportionately affecting the black community. Racism, discrimination, injustice, immigration, are increasingly becoming taboo arguments for black MPs.

It seems that when many black people become MPs their priorities change, and they avoid issues which may make them be linked to the black communities and their origin.  

I’m sure Mr. Jasper will never undergo such a transformation.

We should rally behind Mr. Jasper and make sure he is elected to Parliament. His voice is missing in Parliament.

He is a man you can trust as a messenger to take your ideas to Parliament and push for the necessary reforms.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a