We’ve done it! South Africa hosts the best ever FIFA World Cup

Prepare to come back soon for another memorable FIFA World Cup on African soil

For so many years, we kept on repeating to the world that Africa would succeed in hosting the best ever FIFA World Cup. We can now proudly say that “We’ve done it!”

And we did it so well that it is almost impossible to find a single thing that went wrong.
The stadiums were ever full each time there was a match and the players and fans from all parts of the world were treated with great respect.

The fact that most African teams were eliminated at the initial stages of the tournament didn’t make South Africans stop going to support foreign teams.

Soccer fans were so disciplined that no team was left without supporters. In fact whenever there were teams without supporters from home, many South Africans supported such teams.

For the first time in the history of FIFA World Cup, the tournament was not only about football. It had a vision of promoting education and football in Africa, while at the same time fighting against racism and any other form of discrimination.

The legacy of this FIFA World Cup will without doubt benefit Africa and Africans forever.

We can also celebrate our success in teaching the world a new way of celebrating and cheering our players – by blowing the Vuvuzela!

This beautiful South African noise producing instrument is now one of the most famous instruments in the world. It was hardly known beyond the borders of South Africa two months ago. Now, everybody in the world knows Vuvuzela. In fact many revised editions of Dictionaries in all languages will have to introduce this new word.

At the beginning of the World Cup many tried to silence the Vuvuzela during the matches without realizing that you can’t silence a people’s way of celebrating and cheering their heroes in the battlefield.

I won’t be surprised to see Vuvuzelas used in all future soccer tournaments in different parts of the world.

So many people were convinced that South Africa would not succeed in hosting the FIFA World Cup. They waited to say: “We told you, it was too much for them to handle.” Those people should now swallow their pride and admit that they underrated South Africa.

The superb organization of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa is another proof that something good can come from Africa.

And this is just the beginning of many good things to come. Now that we’ve succeeded to host the most successful FIFA World Cup, the next target is to win the World Cup, then bid to host it again.

The next time an African country will submit a bid to host the World Cup (and I hope it will be done soon), it won’t be as difficult as it was for South Africa to convince the world of its capability to host the event.

Prepare to come back soon for another memorable FIFA World Cup on African soil.


By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a