The AfroNews unveils new website

Use it to publicise your activities and find out latest news about the Black Community in the UK

We are happy to unveil our totally restructured and beautiful website:

It is a dynamic website and more user-friendly, featuring the latest news about the Black Community in the UK. We in fact redesigned the website to make it focus mainly on all issues affecting the Black Community in the UK.

By visiting, you’ll find the latest news about the community: what our people are doing, what is happening to our people (both good and bad), our heroes, as well as community events. We’d like to encourage you to make good use of it to let others know what you are doing, to announce your events such as weddings, baptisms, beauty pageants, demonstrations, conferences, national day celebrations, etc.

We also have a special section for anti-deportation campaigns where all who risk deportation can share their stories and seek public support.

The website also features latest immigration news and all other news relevant for our readers.
Our Guides section features legal guide articles prepared by our solicitors. Here you can find information on migrants’ rights, including different types of visas (requirements, how to apply, how to appeal if the application is rejected, etc); consumer rights, workers’ rights, etc.  

Our Commentary column is a proof that we value your views on different things happening both in the UK and globally, so don’t forget that we look forward to receiving your opinion articles. Use this space to write about anything you feel like, on any subject.

If you have any special talent and are looking for publicity, feel free to send us your story. We want The AfroNews to be your launching pad. If you are a new author, scholar, musician, model, artist, politician, designer, DJ, etc, and you’d like the world to know about you, please send us your story and pictures through this email address:

We’ll publish your story on our website and even create a special photo gallery for you.

It is also now possible for our readers to share ideas on different topics and seek help from experts by joining our Forum.

If you are looking for a job, has a job offer, want to sell something or are looking for something to sell, if you are looking for friends, an apartment, etc., then the best place for you to visit is our Classifieds section.
And of course we will continue providing you latest entertainment news, lifestyle stories, Religious news, African and Caribbean news.

Keep visiting the and make it your notice board where you announce your activities and discover what’s happening in the community.

Finally, don’t let your friends miss the opportunity, so please invite them as well to be regular visitors to

Welcome and make best use of our website.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a