The AfroNews, a new voice for the Black Community in UK

We are proud to launch The AfroNews, a new publication featuring news about the Black Community in the UK.

We salute all existing publications serving this Community and feel honoured to join them in this noble task.

The AfroNews is here to be fully at the service of the Community. We want to help create a communicating Community, and promote a positive image of ourselves and Community.

The AfroNews is here to celebrate our Community’s achievements. It provides a platform for us to challenge each other to aim higher, and to give full support to those with special talents and skills as they struggle to reach their full potential.

There are so many people in our Communities who are doing great things. Unfortunately we hardly hear about them because what they do seemingly don’t deserve space in mainstream media. Yet, strangely enough, most bad things done by people from the Black Community find ample space in mainstream media.

The AfroNews wants to focus on these good things our people do which are usually ignored. We want to be a good news newspaper. And we want this paper to be the Community’s notice board, where we find information about what’s going on in our Community.

We encourage all our readers to become our correspondents.

Do you know someone who is doing great things for the Black Community in your area? Do you have a special talent you’d like to be publicised or do you know someone with such a talent? Is there a problem you think we can involve our readers in solving? Are you organizing a community event (Birthday party, wedding, graduation, national day, seminar, anti-deportation campaign, fundraising, etc)? Are you a new musician who has just released a new LP or video? Are you an emerging model, artist, in need of publicity? Have you just created a new business? Do you aspire to join active politics? here is space for all these and many more in The AfroNews.

No story is too small or too big to be featured in The AfroNews. This is your paper. Make best use of it for your own good and for the good our Community.

And is there something wrong happening in your area (a case of injustice) which is ignored by the local authority? Bring it to public attention by narrating it here.

Do you want to wish a friend or family member Happy Birthday? Do you simply want to see your story and picture published in a newspaper? Send us your story and picture. We’d love to receive them and share them with our readers. Let’s all become reporters and have our stories published in The AfroNews.

Please send your stories and pictures to

We aim to publish as many of your photos, stories and comments on The AfroNews as we can.

Let’s all work together for the good of the Black Community in the UK.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a