Show maximum respect to women and girls everyday

Today, because it’s International Women’s Day, the world seems to be paying special attention to women. It’s one of those few days in the year when women are made feel special, loved, respected, listened to.

It’s good to celebrate our women. They deserve it. I, however, feel women should be treated this way each single day.

I may be biased in what I’m writing here because of the very important roles women have played and continue to play in my life.

I was raised up by a widow, a woman who sacrificed everything for the love of her children. I can’t thank my mum enough for this special gift. Many other women are making unimaginable sacrifices to bring up their children.

Women do so much for the society in different capacities, even when forced by unjust laws to hold inferior positions simply because they are women. Without doubt, women are the backbone of any society.

They deserve maximum respect from all. Let’s show maximum respect to all women and girls, not only today but always! Without women, men are lost, even though most of the time men don’t recognize this and mistreat women.

A society that sincerely wants to develop can’t tolerate injustice against women, violation of women’s rights, violence against women, and all sorts of crimes against women which are most often considered normal.

Let’s start listening to women, leaving them room to do everything they are capable of. Above all, let’s invest in girls’ education and trust women with leadership roles.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a