Nothing can justify FGM – an absurd and cruel practice

It is sad that there are still people who consider Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) a normal practice, an important cultural ritual to be performed on girls and women.

Whatever reason you have for performing FGM, put it aside and think of the pain you are subjecting that girl or woman to. Think of the physical, mental, psychological, sexual damage you are causing to the girl or woman by subjecting her to FGM.

All the reasons I’ve heard trying to justify FGM have nothing to do with the girl’s wellbeing. They all point to packaging the girl to be pleasant to a man. The girl is denied a chance of having sexual desires or enjoying sex. Seemingly some people believe sex should only be enjoyed by men.
And since not many girls would like to remain unmarried, they are usually threatened that no man in their community will marry them if they are not circumcised.

No reason can ever justify Female Genital Mutilation. Nothing can justify subjecting a girl or woman to an extremely painful operation to remove part of her genitalia.

We must all join hands in fighting this absurd and cruel practice through education and legislation.

Considering the important role women have of educating children, they must not only be involved but must play a leading role in campaigning against FGM. When mothers will start refusing to take their daughters to be circumcised, and to stand by their uncircumcised daughters, the process of eliminating FGM will be accelerated.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a