Michael Jackson, a great artiste the media failed to understand

The world is mourning Michael Jackson, a legendary pop star who revolutionized entertainment industry. Michael died at age 50,  on 25th June in Los Angeles.

Michael was one of the very few musicians to become extremely famous while still alive. He had been due to stage a series of comeback concerts in the UK, from 13th July.

We can only imagine the type of concerts Michael could have staged in London. He was without doubt preparing to prove to the world that he was still the King of Pop, the title he had held for decades. Michael was a prolific stage performer, capable of surprising fans. He was not the type to go for small things.

Michael’s “Thriller” LP released in 1982, is the biggest-selling album of all time, shifting 65m copies, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Any pop singer today who can claim not to have been influenced by Michael is a liar.

The media’s focus on scandals Michael had been through was unsuccessful in shifting public’s attention from his music. But they succeeded to ruin his image.

We all make mistakes in life, some make even bigger mistakes than those Michael made, or allegedly made, but Michael was pushed into paying dearly for his mistakes. This made him live a lonely life. He was an artiste the media simply refused to understand and forgive.

He died without knowing peace. Now that he is gone, we can only hope he will be left in peace. More focus should now be on his music and the joy he brought to millions of people throughout the world.

Go in peace Mike, you were and will forever remain a great man, a great artiste.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a