Letter to Santa Claus for his journey back home

Dear Santa Claus,
I know it’s late to write and ask you for a present at this stage. I guess you have started your journey and your luggage is overflowing with presents.

This year you are probably travelling with less presents compared to the past years, but still, I’m sure you don’t have room or probably can’t afford to add an extra present for me. This is why I’m not going to ask you to bring me any present.

But please allow me to ask for a favour. On your return journey, since you’ll be travelling light, do you mind carrying away the following items?
– Wars and violent conflicts
– Economic crisis
– All forms of injustice
– All forms of discrimination
– Racism and intolerance
– Incurable diseases
– Sufferings of the poor widows, widowers, orphans
– Sufferings of asylum seekers, irregular immigrants, and of unemployed regular immigrants who risk becoming irregular immigrants and expulsion
– Sufferings of victims of domestic violence
– Sufferings of victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution
– Sufferings of all who have lost their jobs and those whose entitlement to pension will be postponed for many years

Dear Santa Claus, I’ve just realised that the list is long and I may even continue to add more items, but since I want to be fair to those reading this open letter, I’ll leave room so that they may also add some items. Please carry them all away.

Yours faithfully,
Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a