Where are men in family events?

Over the last weekend I attended two very different events. One – a small family barbeque and the other what turned out to be a well-supported graduation for a community based charity. Though entirely different both had one thing in common, a lack of men.

Mr Paul Lawrence

At the family event understanding the lack of males was easy….. I merely had to ask where were the men. However as you can well imagine understanding the lack of males at a public event is rather more difficult.

The event was free, so I doubt it was a financial issue. Though a Saturday, the football season is over. The World Cup is over. Motor Racing is on Sundays. It did not rain. The venue is serviced by two tube stations, many buses and has a rather large FREE car park. So again I ask where were the men?

The event was a celebration of the end of a community based mentoring project mainly for young people. When last I check it still required a man and a woman to produce a child, yet the room, which was full to capacity, was occupied by 98% women.

The majority of men in attendance were the men from the organisation. I counted no more than five non-member men in an audience of well over 150. So where are our men?

What I observed this weekend is by no means isolated. Over my 25 years here in the UK I have noticed that the physical presence of men is always way less than that of women, unless football or some other sport is the main attraction. The home, a dance, parent’s evenings, birthday parties, weddings, church, university induction days and almost anything to do with children, ironically including youth sports……….. check it out and we men are always totally outnumbered……by far.

So again I ask, where are our men? Why do we avoid/miss/not turn up for these types of events especially when the focus is on OUR children?

Here’s the thing, if mom can turn up, so can dad. If women can make it to a dance, so can men. It’s called parents evening, not Mommies evening.

Let me know your thoughts.

By Paul Lawrence

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