The Battle – Separating the Monsters from our midst?

The Palaver Hut

Back in the days, when I was still at the Monrovia Demonstration School in Liberia before the 1989 war, the English language was much simpler. Honestly, I swear!

If you were in your early teens and kind of a ‘Jack The Lad’ type, you were having a good time. If you smoked, it was tobacco and heaven help you if you were caught doing it. If we went for a ride, it was on a bicycle. And only three gears in those days. But one word has not changed. If you are married and you want to have sex with someone who is not your partner, you are having an affair. Call it what you like, it is still an affair. And one of you will be hurt. But if you were caught having an affair with a child, you’d be dead before you could even remember you were ever been to a place called planet earth. Yes, that’s as bad as it is in my book. Not a joke at all!

I was reading my daily dose of African News on the internet the other day to keep my brain updated about current events in the world. And one news item stroke me as odd: ‘A Nigerian Pastor Rapes Three-Year-Old Girl’.

Well, here in England where I live, we call such losers ‘Paedophiles’. And as an ‘Investigating Officer’ for a prestigious charity group called ‘Safe Homes For Abused Children UK/Global’, part of my duty is to basically see these type of imbeciles get roasted and dealt with.

And guess what the paedophile pastor said after putting a three-year old in such a lifetime stigma of disgrace and extreme dishonour. “It is Satan,” he cried from his Police Cell, like he was truly afflicted. “I never had an affair with any woman except my wife since I became a pastor. I have been in the vineyard of the Lord winning souls for Him. I wonder how Satan got me so cheap. I know it is a trial and I must overcome it.”

Yeah right! Satan always gets the blame. I’m sure Satan himself wouldn’t even be able to account for all the bad things happening in this world on the judgement day. Human errors and misdeeds are probably too much for Satan himself and he’s probably getting fed-up of all these things. I hope we will give this bad-guy a break for a minute because he still has his bum on the line, yet to be roasted by God.

I’d like to leave this paedophile pastor with one thought, but I’m not sure he’ll have a place to put it because it’s easy to tell any similarity between him and a human is purely coincidental, honestly!

But like the lottery, I just never know who might read this, it’s my electronic message in a bottle to everyone who has ever been through the stage of childhood to join ‘Safe Homes For Abused Children’ on Facebook and help eradicate these vile monsters around the world and put them where they belong.

Paedophiles are everywhere. They are the scourges of modern day life and they make it impossible for our children to live normal lives. No child deserves to be abused and it is our job to make sure they aren’t. If you need to know more about identifying paedophiles, you can also join this Facebook group ‘Prevent children from Facebook’ and read through the resource articles.

No matter the colour of a child’s skin, abuse is abuse and we must never forget that!!

By Joseph Spencer