Starting Small

Zig Ziglar: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

No one starts at the top, almost no one. As the famous saying goes: ‘the way up is down’.

This fact is true to a limit. Prince William and his wife, Kate, had no need to start small. There is a ready empire for them both. Take a thought about the six billion other inhabitants of this lovely globe, most have to pursue their wild dreams from the start, take an exotic flight of adventure from ground level, or mine priced talents, like precious stones, from obscurity, below ground level.

It really does not matter where you start; it does matter where you are. The issue of prime importance is your final destination: it weighs more than your starting point and your present bearing.

The man who runs at 9.58 seconds took his first step as a child.

Many of us know what we want to do. We even know how to. But many times, there is a feeling, a certain patience, for certain criteria to be fulfilled in us, or around us, before we commence the noble expedition of going after our dreams. It simply means, we are not always willing to start small, wishing to be just a little bit bigger or better off, before beginning. I shall call this a classic error, somehow mediocre.

Everything phenomenal begins with an idea but not every idea becomes a phenomenon for the possessors often starve, postpone, hinder, or even belittle their own beautiful ideas, by putting the ideas on a queue, a waiting list. The reality of the great bliss resident in the idea is acknowledged, but the excuse given is that the conditions are not ideal. Ideal is not for our lovely globe, earth, if you do have an idea, ignite it.

Relax now, we shall need a climate of ease, tense-free to see this more practically.

Dear friend, you really would love to have a laboratory, your own. One that meets the quality standards and that would leave you a happy professional, in work and out of work. You’ll be able to structure the workspace the way you’d love it. It would look lovely, classy and comfy. Well unlike the typical labs, it would be casual and welcoming, and still be a laboratory with happy customers. Start small, buy a few reagents, ask for an old, rusty centrifuge, that’s where it all begins. Drop by drop, you’ll save enough to finance your own laboratory!

You really want to have a great, trendy, decent clothing line that’s distinct, original, and has a strong appeal to and a very potent charm for the wearer. The elites may be your focus, you really don’t want to have to do any much advertisement, for you know that as the loyal customers pride themselves in the attire, many dignitaries shall diligently seek the feel of your original fabric on their skin: Great Idea! Learn to sew. Start small. That is where it all begins. Begin as your personal costumier, wear your brand first, and be proud about your style. It is like wearing your mind’s expression, and that is simply lovely.

Singer you were born; pen your lyrics, visualize the performance of your piece in the studio. Play the beats and ruminate on the rhythms of your song in your sleep and meditation. That’s what would make your première single a hit, for you had rehearsed it till it found expression in your mind and formed itself in sounds as you let your vocal chords loose. That’s what would power your next song. That’s what would bring your album. And the whole symphony would be a success story: for you started somewhere. You started small.

You really want to be in Christian ministry. That’s the greatest call of all: to be God’s Emissary and Regent. The anointed minister honoured the Saviour’s call one day. Give yourself time to grow. Pray a lot, that is the key to dunamis. Read very deep for the logos to be real in and around you. Understand your call and mission. Make notes. Start a fellowship, begin your kind of ministry, as you are led by God, nurture it faithfully, and grow.

Listen to me Kwa. If you have a great flare for good food, and would give anything to have your restaurant, it is so easy to begin. Let your friends be your first clients.

Do not make the first mistake of giving free meals. Do not make a second mistake of charging high fees. Let everyone pay a €2 token, 10 of you would yield €20, towards the ingredients for your tasty, palatable dish. Grow your recipe, reinvent the taste and flavour, and make it a weekend affair for your circle of friends and family. Once a few friends really love it, they’ll let you cater for their events, and in essence, you have begun! You celebrate with them with your heart and you’re joyed to have new people taste your food. That makes it a double celebration for you. It is a simple rule: Start small.

You may not have the social muscles to market what exquisite product you have to offer, but set your mind to market it anyway. Be confident about your product. If you do not believe in your idea, no one else would help you believe in it. The energy expressed by a confident one oozes very strong; its scent is capable of making any investor feel like he or she would lose out if the product exits the door. The next appointment may be too late, if the prototype is sold to someone smart, the next minute.

Intentions to be an investor, accountant, footballer, the best husband, son, father, wife, silver-mining or gold-mining businessperson, commences with starting small, educating yourself, finding expression, loving what you do.

In sum, we are discussing about our dreams, and there is one thing we do know: starting small is the way a small step grows to a very golden trail.

On your marks; Set; Start small!

Beat the gun, if you like!

By Debowale Adekunbi