Jacob Zuma was right to stand by Gaddafi

I read an article titled: “Shame on Jacob Zuma” by Markose Yehune in The AfroNews of 13th September 2011. The article raised my temper to a feverish pitch.

It saddens my heart to read an article coming under the acronym of an African name with a fallacious knowledge of the basic facts of the situation in the Libyan conflict. The author of that article proudly presented such a great misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning. I commend Markose Yehune for graciously acknowledging that there’s no nation like South Africa that knows what freedom is. And it’s true that there are no people like South Africans who determinedly fought for freedom. As we can all see in recent times, South Africa still upholds this great standard to always stand up for what is ‘Right’, no matter the cost to them. South Africans are never puppeteers of anyone. That’s a fact!
There is no doubt that what happened in Libya is utterly depressing to see.

In as much as I despise Mr. Gaddafi’s despotic administration and support  democratic institution in Libya, I honestly think the way everything was orchestrated to make him look like a tyrant wasn’t fair at all.

I wonder if Markose Yehune had ever wondered why the so-called super-powers turned a blind eye to the way the Saudi Arabia’s monarchical government butchered protesters with impunity in recent months. Yet, the super-powers’ nose is all on Libya! I also wonder if Markose Yehune ever asked why the Western governments dragged and continue to drag their feet on the Syrian conflict, how they’ve turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed there, especially how the Syrian president is killing his people and rendering several communities homeless. Yet, the Western governments’ eagle eye is all on Libya!

I’m sure the author of the article hasn’t thought of the double standards applied by the European Union and US in imposing sanctions on Tehran’s rulers for their human rights violations while taking military action against Mr. Gaddafi. The EU and the US have also failed to address the appalling repression of the pro-democracy movement in Bahrain.

If Markose Yehune is looking for a reason why all these things happen, it’s quite simple: it’s all about the Western powers’ regime change strategy to allow them exploit mineral resources such as gas, oil, gold, etc.

It’s disappointing Markose Yehune never asked why the world politics is being practiced in this greedy and biased manner. It should be noted that while the conflict is still ongoing, Libya’s oil is being pumped out on a daily basis to fund the orchestrated.

In the course of this Libyan revolution, I would say South Africa, under Mr. Zuma is maintaining a true democratic position by supporting Mr. Gaddafi. We know what the Western powers are capable of to get what they want, when they want it. Mr. Zuma was right when he appeared in public on many occasions and boldly defended Mr. Gaddafi as the Libyan leader.

I commend Mr. Zuma for standing up for Mr. Gaddafi because the credibility of some of the National Transitional Council (NTC) leaders is highly questionable looking at their tainted past.

“In the end”, as author of that article said, “Gaddafi and all other African dictators will vanish, but history will live forever”. And I would like to add that history would not forget to show the hypocrisy of the so-called super-powers. The same history books will question why super-powers only rushed to attack Libya while worst things were happening at the same time in Bahrain, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.

By Joseph Spencer

Shame on Jacob Zuma