Follow your Path

There are many voices out there telling us who we should, or should not be. Those loud voices try to manipulate our minds in order to have us follow the generally acceptable ways of the majority. Yet, true success is not nearly as complicated as we have made it look.

True success is nothing else, but understanding and fulfilling one’s destiny. The man with the divine beauty and passion is the one who is truly alive. Some of us allowed our parents to choose our path for us. Maybe because we believed they knew what’s best for us, or we didn’t want to go against their will, or simply because we saw no other option available.
Family tradition may be, but may also not be the way forward. Children do not belong to their parents. At some point in life (better sooner rather than later) we must learn how to make our own choices and follow God’s heart, even if it means going against the heart of our parents, friends or against the general solutions accepted as reasonable by the society.

People who follow the crowd are bound to get lost in the crowd. If you put your trust in the system you will be bound by its limitations (economy, education, skin colour, cultural situations). Too many people rise only to become an “ex”, not knowing success can only be as lasting as its source. Education can get out-dated, fashion and trends may change.

There will always be someone smarter, more beautiful and more-something than you. Yet, if you continually rely on the insight of the Mind, which does not fail you will never become a yesterday’s man, or woman. To be truly free and not limited by others, or circumstances we need to follow the Maker. Only there, nothing is impossible. A joyful life needs courage to go after the quiet whisper inside  one’s heart…

Knowing who you are is essential. Knowing who you aren’t is part of that knowing. By getting to know the Mind of God, you are getting to know yourself. “In the beginning was the Word”, so start there. Ask for wisdom and for an outline of your destiny, and then pray for strength to stay on your path. That path is the only place where you can be safe and fulfilled.

Take care of your beautiful mind. Keep it beautiful through a good spiritual education. The thoughts of today will create your tomorrow. Heed that red light in The Book and within your heart, which is there for protection.

Have courage to go against the crowd, or against the circumstances where necessary; and having the Spirit of Life inside you – dare to dream big – understand that the possibilities are unlimited and you can decide your destiny. Be fearless when you know you are on the right path; and go after eternal success, which begins on Earth – in the heart of a man, or a woman.

Be born again…

By Monika Ribeiro