Betrayal sees Labour’s vote collapse as racist vote delivers UKIP’s success

Of course we can analyse where the racist vote went: BNP to UKIP, Tory to UKIP, etc. But there needs to be a focus on providing an alternative option for those that don’t turn out (65%) and those that can’t find anything in Labour to vote for.

Donna Guthrie

A majority did not vote and I know of many that didn’t use all their three council votes because their Labour councils are zealously pushing cuts and a total disregard for its traditional voting base.

These people didn’t vote UKIP. But the problem isn’t the absent voters; it’s the absence of any politicians that care about issues such as lack of social housing, prevalence of zero hour contracts, attacks of social provision and shifting blame on the poor, failing to consider a rent cap, etc.

The main parties are chasing the racist votes and Labour continues to ignore the possibility that their vote is collapsing at the same time the racist voters are turning out.

They are not necessary the same voters! The Labour Party in Newham is delivering only to big business and Olympic partners whilst zealously delivering millions of pounds of cuts year on year to the local community. They are happy to evict hundreds of single mums and other poor families out of London in a massive social housing plus benefits cap crisis.

Happy to have their whole community survive on zero hour wages in extortionate private rented overcrowded accommodation. An all Labour borough sitting on a surplus of £185 million cannot continue to devastate people’s lives on the ground with vicious cuts, blame the Tories/Lib Dems and expect votes to turn out.

By By Donna Guthrie,
BARAC UK, National Women’s Officer