New App helps passengers get compensation from airlines

A new App has been created to help passengers check straight away whether they are eligible for compensation after a problematic flight.

By just entering their flight number on, passengers can find out how much they could be refunded for.

The complaint form, which can be completed on the spot and which can be signed online, can be forwarded to the airline directly.  

“Until now, many passengers have forfeited their compensation payments because they considered the complaints procedure to be too cumbersome. That’s why we wanted to create a fast method for helping passengers worldwide. You’ll be able to check if you’re eligible for a claim as soon as you leave the airplane. However, if you prefer to take your time with this, you can use instead. Flights can be checked and claimed for up to three years retrospectively,” said Eve Büchner, the CEO of GmbH.

The passenger only has to enter their flight number and a few additional details into their smart phone and a few seconds later they will know how much they could expect as a refund.

The information is adjusted in accordance with EU regulation 261/2004 and other factors. The complaint form is created in real time; it can be signed by mobile phone or online and is transmitted automatically to the respective airline.

This app is free for iPhone users:

It will shortly be available for Android, Windows and Blackberry. In the meantime you can now open on your mobile in order to check it wherever you are.