Call to arrest Borghezio, MEP who admires Breivik’s ideas

MEP Mario Borghezio, who sympathised with some of the ideas of Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik should be arrested, “Il Futurista” an Italian newspaper, has said.

Mr. Borghezio, who belongs to Italy’s rightwing Northern League party, said that some of the ideas Breivik expressed are good. He praised Breivik’s idea of opposing Islam, and accusing Europe of not doing enough to fight the spread of Islam.

Northern League party has been campaigning against Muslims and the building of mosques in Italy.

Surprisingly enough, Mr. Borghezio’s party distanced itself from his remarks. Mr. Roberto Calderoli, one of the party’s leaders described Mr. Borghezio’s comments as “terrible” and apologised to the families of the victims of Breivik’s attacks.

“Il Futurista” asked Italian judicial authorities to apply the Mancino Law against racism. The law prescribes a prison sentence to anyone who propagates racial or ethnic hatred, as well as to anyone who commits or incites racial, ethnic, national or religious hatred.