UK motorists admit to dangerous habits

Up to 20% of 18-24 year olds admit to using their phones to email and text while driving.

Despite the potentially lethal consequences, 23% make and receive calls on their mobiles when they’re behind the wheel, new figures have revealed.

Among the population as a whole, 12% of motorists admit to texting and emailing while driving, despite the Government’s crackdown on mobile phone usage amongst motorists.

The survey commissioned by Car Loan 4U, the UK’s largest online car finance specialists, also reveals that a quarter of motorists eat and drink at the wheel, one in six motorists smoke while driving and 5% of male motorists admit to using their cars as ‘lovemobiles’ to indulge in passion with partners.  

A further one in five male drivers admit to shouting and gesticulating when they’re behind the wheel and over a third of motorists use their sat navs while driving.  

When it comes to obeying the speed limits, UK motorists display very bad habits with a third admitting to driving over the speed limit in built up areas, as well as slowing down just before speed cameras and then speeding up afterwards.

As many as 72% rated their driving as good and over 12% rated it as excellent.

Young drivers appear to have more bad habits than any other age group, with 10% visiting social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and nearly half using their sat navs behind the wheel.

One in ten young drivers admits to flirting with other drivers and pedestrians and 53% eat and drink while they are driving.

Car Loan 4U Co-Director Ryan Dignan comments: “Many of us don’t think anything of eating and smoking behind the wheel, but a momentary distraction can cause serious accidents. Driving distractions are a major contributor to fatal road accidents, many of which are caused by motorists having a sneaky cigarette or bite to eat whilst driving.”