UCAS reveals World Cup countries’ favourite uni subjects

UCAS, the UK’s higher education admissions service has revealed the top degree course choices by students from each country qualifying for the World Cup.

The leading pick for Brazilian applicants is Politics, for French students it’s Management Studies, while Computer Science is most common for Algerians and Uruguayans.  The leading pick for Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria is Law.

Detail on these courses, and thousands of others with vacancies, can be found using the search tool at www.ucas.com.  

Students seeking a place in UK higher education this autumn should send their UCAS application before 18:00 (UK time) on 30th June. Applications received after this date go into Clearing.

Helen Thorne, Director of Policy and Research at UCAS said: “Looking at this table it’s not surprising to see that popular UK courses such as Law and Management remain highly attractive to international applicants.

“A much wider range of courses are still open for applications at this time of year and admissions officers will be eager to hear from you if your application shows your passion and talent for the subject.”

Ms Thorne advised students to choose their courses wisely since they’ll be studying for several years. “For courses with a placement year, you’re likely to have just finished your studies by the time the next World Cup kicks off.”

Although the main application deadline passed in January, students could still be made an offer before Clearing if they apply by 30th June 2014.

Most popular subject choice by country of domicile – taking part in the 2014 FIFA World Cup