Tony Benn was fearless opponent of racism and fascism, says Unite Against Fascism

was a fearless opponent of all forms of racism and xenophobia

Former Labour politician and cabinet minister Tony Benn “was a fearless opponent of all forms of racism and xenophobia,” Unite Against Fascism has said.

Mr Benn, who was a former cabinet minister and veteran left-wing campaigner died at home West London this morning.

The 88-year-old former Labour MP had been seriously ill.

“Tony was a fearless opponent of all forms of racism and xenophobia. He had no truck with the scape-goating of immigrants and asylum seekers, and was always willing to stick his neck out to defend the undefended,” Unite Against Fascism said.

Commenting on attempts to whip up hostility to migrants in the UK, Mr Benn repeatedly said: “The real issue is that this is a backdoor way for naked racism to be introduced …into the democratic political scene. It’s very dangerous, and it needs to be exposed and resisted.”

Mr Benn was a founding signatory of Unite Against Fascism. He was outspoken against the extreme right and often joined the organisation’s platforms. “Only last year he joined Unite Against Fascism’s solidarity protest against the violence of Golden Dawn in Greece, and spoke eloquently of the need for vigilance against the dangers of the rise of the neo-Nazi right across Europe,” Unite Against Fascism said.