The AfroNews backs Refuge’s petition calling for public inquiry into state response to domestic violence

Refuge has launched a petition to the Home Secretary calling for a public inquiry into the state response to domestic violence.

Every week, two women are killed as a result of domestic violence.

On average, a woman is assaulted 35 times before her first call to the police. At the moment only 23% of victims report domestic violence to the police.

Every 60 seconds, police in the UK receive a domestic assistance call.

Four women killed as a result of domestic violence. Clockwise from top left: Maria Stubbings, Rachael Slack, Cassandra Hasanovic and Sabina Akhtar

Apart from accounting for 16-25% of all violent crime, domestic violence also has the highest rate of repeat victimisation of any crime.

It has been estimated that each domestic violence homicide costs the taxpayer £1 million.

Several women have been horrifically murdered by their current or former partner. Unfortunately, most of them were also failed by the police and other state agencies.

Refuge, along with families who have lost loved ones to domestic violence, are calling for the Government to open a public inquiry into the response of the police and other state agencies to victims of domestic violence.

“The state has a duty to protect women and children. We need to ensure that women and children get the support and protection they deserve,” Refuge says.

Please sign the petition now and strengthen Refuge’s call for a public inquiry into domestic violence.

The AfroNews fully supports this petition and we would like to encourage all our readers to sign it. Please encourage your friends and family also to sign the petition.

Sign the petition here

Apart from signing the petition, you can also send a letter to Home Secretary, Theresa May. Click here to down the letter, add your own name and address then email or post it to the Home Secretary. Click here for the Home Secretary’s contact details.

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