REC: UK needs flexible immigration system

The REC has expressed concerns about the impact of the government’s newly announced immigration policy on economic growth.

Reacting to Immigration Minister Damian Green’s speech on increased ‘selectivity’ for immigration policy, Gillian Econopouly, Head of Public Policy, said: “The Government keeps saying that the UK is open for business, yet some of the sectors targeted by the Government as high growth and with huge export potential are struggling to bring in the talented people they need.”

She warned that such policies risked forcing many businesses to abandon the UK. “Our members in sectors such as IT and Life Sciences report that international clients are seeing how cumbersome the Points Based System can be, and are locating their offices outside Britain in order to access the global talent pool. Raising ‘selectivity’ in an already highly selective system will mean more businesses moving employment and growth overseas,” Ms. Econopouly said.

She added: “Fundamentally, the system needs flexibility in order to be agile enough to quickly respond to changing market conditions. At the same time, it is imperative that we equip our resident workforce with the skills and attitude employers need.”