REC to continue calling for flexible immigration system

The REC has raised key concerns to Immigration Minister Damian Green about the need for flexibility within the immigration system to help employers access essential skills to grow their companies.

Ms. Gillian Econopouly, the REC’s Head of Public Policy raised the concerns in a roundtable meeting with the minister in Westminster on 6th July. The meeting was hosted by think tank ResPublica.

Commenting after the meeting, Ms. Econopouly said the “meeting was an excellent opportunity to remind the Minister of the impact of the new immigration cap on the recruitment industry and crucially, their clients in securing the specialised skills they require. Often, the ability to bring in a few highly skilled individuals can create significant growth, including new jobs for resident workers right down the supply chain.”
Ms. Econopouly added that REC “will continue making the case for flexibility within the immigration system to ensure businesses can get the skills they need, and the UK is seen internationally as being open for business.”