Pidgeon: Johnson’s fare rises hitting low income Londoners

The fare rises being introduced by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson seriously hit low income Londoners, Caroline Pidgeon, the leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group has said.


Ms. Caroline Pidgeon, leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group

“Once again we start the year with another painful fare package from Boris Johnson. For the fourth year in a row he has racked up fares by far more than the rate of inflation,” Ms. Pidgeon said. “His latest rises will simply add to the financial problems of many Londoners – especially those on low incomes.”
She added that Mr. Johnson has shamefully hiked up the most the bus fares despite buses being most heavily used by low income Londoners. 
“It is now time for a new approach to fares. We need to end the scandal of Oyster overcharging, and introduce targeted measures to specifically help Londoners on the lowest incomes. A one-hour bus ticket and cheaper early bird fares would make a huge difference to the pockets and purses of London’s lowest paid workers who have been hit so hard by Boris Johnsons’ excessive fare rises,” Ms. Pidgeon said.