Largest site ousting cheaters launches in UK

The world’s largest website documenting alleged cheaters has been launched in the UK. provides information about alleged cheaters.

The website has the world’s largest database of ousted cheaters which will show you postings on a specific person and information gathered from the web.

If you meet someone and want to know if they are playing it straight, or playing you, CheaterVille will let you know if they are married, have a sordid past, or a crazy ex! If you’re in a relationship and want to make sure your significant other stays on the straight and narrow, CheaterVille can alert you if anything is posted about them – good or bad and free of charge!

The growing anti-cheating awareness trend has already attracted millions of users in the United States and Canada to CheaterVille.

The Founder & CEO of CheaterVille James McGibney said users in the UK have been patiently waiting for CheaterVille’s arrival. “Over the past year we have received an overwhelming amount of emails, in the hundreds of thousands, from individuals located across the UK that wanted to post an alleged cheater on our site to help warn others. The media in the UK has been overwhelmingly supportive of CheaterVille and our fight against infidelity over the past year and we’re very excited about this latest expansion.”

With the new launch in the UK, users can now submit the names, stories, and photos of alleged cheaters to help make others aware of their disrespectful deeds.