Labour Party criticizes selective immigration policy

Labour Party has strongly criticized the government’s selective immigration policy.

“There is still a massive gap between the Government’s rhetoric and the reality on immigration,” said Chris Bryant MP, Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister.“We agree we should build a national consensus on immigration but the Prime Minister is still making promises that he has no policies to deliver. And the government is still weakening action on illegal immigration as we saw in the borders fiasco last summer.”

Mr. Bryant said the government had no workable proposals to deliver their promise of bringing down net migration to tens of thousands by the end of the Parliament.

He said: “the government is still weakening action on illegal immigration, abandoning checks at our border during the summer, stopping the routine fingerprinting of illegal immigrants trying to enter the UK through the Channel Tunnel, and seeing the number of people removed for breaking the rules going down not up. That is undermining trust in the immigration debate,” Mr. Bryant said.

Mr. Bryant added that the Labour Party agreed with the government on the need for controlled immigration, for strict rules on who can come to the UK to work, and for people who want to settle in the country to contribute positively to the country. “But the Prime Minister needs to be honest with people that he will not deliver on his promises and also take much stronger action on illegal immigration instead of weakening our borders. As long as the rhetoric doesn’t match the reality, the government will not build consensus or trust in the system,” Mr. Bryant said.