Half of Britons ready to quit UK

Forty-eight per cent of all Britons are “seriously considering” leaving the UK, a survey published by The Sun newspaper has revealed.

According leading personal finance experts, many of them are planning to take their money with them.

“The Sun’s findings reflect what our consultants have been telling us all year – that an increasing number of people are seeking advice on emigrating overseas,” said Nigel Green, CEO of the deVere Group.

Britons who are concerned about the cost of living, unemployment and crime, are considering moving abroad “as they seek a better quality of life for themselves and their families,” said Mr. Green.

He observed that “there’s a growing realisation that by moving their funds out of the UK, where they’ll be taxed less and better able to protect and maximise their wealth, they will have the potential to achieve this desired higher standard of living.”

Mr. Green continued: “Financially, wherever they choose to live in the world, expatriates are uniquely-positioned to be able to acquire a far greater level of disposable income than their counterparts in their home countries. From tax solutions to pensions, to investments and educations schemes, there is a raft of distinct benefits.”