David Lammy wants to become next Mayor of London

David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, has launched his campaign to become Labour’s candidate for London Mayor in 2016.

Mr David Lammy said he would place affordable housing at the heart of his campaign

The former Minister for Higher Education and Skills, said he would place affordable housing at the heart of his campaign.

In a new report on the London housing crisis, Mr Lammy said affordable housing should be linked to average earnings in each borough.

He also pledged to introduce a “comprehensive programme” of rent controls.

“A significant lack of homes is now a critical issue for the future of London and a problem that requires a bold solution,” Mr Lammy said. “We are facing some complex and contentious issues, which require a grown-up and serious debate – issues like how we reclassify greenbelt land that doesn’t live up to its name and changing how we define affordability. It’s big issues like this that will define the future of London and working on this has led me to declare my intention to run for Mayor of London.”

Mr Lammy added: “People I meet around the city are facing desperate problems of overcrowding, poverty and homelessness as a result of the housing crisis. London’s lack of homes is starving Londoners of the opportunities they should enjoy in this city, and depriving London business of skilled employees who can no longer afford to live and work in the capital.”

Some of the possible candidates for the Labour nomination are Diane Abbott, former shadow public health minister, Tessa Jowell, former Olympics minister; Margaret Hodge, chair of the commons public accounts committee; and Sadiq Khan, the shadow justice secretary.

Click here to view Mr Lammy’s housing report