Call for free community-led Pride in London

Community groups and LGBT trade unionists have backed the call for a national Pride to be held in central London.

The event which must be free and accessible to all, will also be a celebration as well as a demand for equality, they said.

Ninety representatives of London LGBT community groups and LGBT union representatives met at the TUC’s central London headquarters on Monday night to debate the future of Pride London after the last minute and drastic restrictions imposed on the World Pride event.

The meeting agreed that all future Prides should be free to all participants; must be fully inclusive of all sections of the LGBT community; should be a celebration, but retain its political cutting edge and campaign for LGBT equality and liberation nationally and internationally; and must be led by the LGBT communities themselves, not have its shape or content determined by commercial sponsors or public bodies.

A smaller meeting open to a representative of every LGBT community group and union that wishes to participate will take place in early September to allow more discussion on the principles, which will then be fed into the AGM of Pride London.

TUC LGBT officer Peter Purton said: “There was anger at the way Pride had been treated, and after debate it was clear that although differences remain, we have much common ground about the way forward.  

“The TUC is delighted to have been able to facilitate this meeting and to help develop a way forward for future Prides.”