ALDE criticises re-introduction of border checks by Denmark

“The EU cannot and must not accept any attempt to roll back the EU Treaty”

Decision by Danish government to re-introduce internal border checks has been strongly criticised by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) in the European Parliament.

ALDE President Guy Verhofstadt said they noted “with great regret” that the Danish government had decided to re-introduce customs and border controls at the German and Swedish borders.

“Threats to public order or national security will not be effectively met by purely national border measures but must be based on an EU approach that focuses on strengthening the external borders and European co-operation, while maintaining all the benefits of free movement within the Schengen area,” Mr. Verhofstadt.

ALDE said they will demand that the European Commission immediately take action to assess whether the Danish measures are in line with the letter and spirit of EU law governing free movement. 

The EU cannot and must not accept any attempt to roll back the EU Treaty, either for free movement of goods or persons at internal borders, ALDE said.

“Even if the Danish measures from a legal point were to be found within the Treaty provisions, they go completely against its spirit, thus undermining one of the greatest EU achievements. And they certainly are contrary to the Liberal vision of a borderless Europe and marks a very worrying threat to the essence of EU integration,” said Renate Weber, ALDE coordinator in the Civil liberties Committee.