Thwaites warns persons selling illegal credentials

Jamaica’s Education Minister, Rev. Hon. Ronald Thwaites, has warned persons involved in providing fake educational credentials to immediately desist.

Minister Thwaites’ warning follows a recent news report that Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) passes and fake degrees were being sold by persons engaged in an illegal operation.

Education Minister, Rev. Hon. Ronald Thwaites

Speaking in an interview with JIS News, the Education Minister said persons involved in this scam could face criminal sanctions.
“I want to tell everybody that to do that is a futile exercise because it’s eventually going to be found out and there will be serious consequences, probably criminal ones, for those who do it and those who receive it and try to pass them off,” Mr. Thwaites said.

The Minister also encouraged persons thinking of involving themselves with the scam to channel their energies and resources in obtaining legitimate certification.

“So, let us use the same energy and ingenuity and money that we deploy and try to falsify things to do them right the first time and to study hard and get the certification and pick yourself up if you didn’t manage the first time,” Mr. Thwaites said.

By Latonya Linton,
JIS News