New book examines Mandela’s legacy and South Africa’s future

A new book examines how Nelson Mandela united South Africans after the isolation of the apartheid era, helping the country to flourish politically and economically.

“The Mandela Legacy: The State of South Africa, Past, Present & Future” by Martin Plaut shows how despite divisions and inequalities in South Africa, Mandela united the nation, defusing tensions and avoiding a potential civil war.

The author asks several questions including: Was Mandela unique? Can the heirs to his leadership build on his legacy – or will the country edge back towards chaos?

In “The Mandela Legacy”, Mr. Plaut examines the wisdom and vision of the leadership of South Africa today – and what the future holds for the country.

Can such a wealthy and developed nation continue to be undermined by corruption and inequality? Can a fractious African National Congress (ANC) hold itself and society together? Will Mandela’s ultimate legacy be a triumph – or a tragedy?

Mr. Plaut is currently Africa Editor for the BBC World Service News.

Drawing on years of reporting, Mr. Plaut shines a light upon a fascinating country at a crucial period of its history in an essay which encompasses economics, politics and investigative journalism.

Mr. Plaut has reported from most of East Africa, as well as some parts of West Africa, and specialises in the Horn of Africa and Southern Africa.

For two years he was an Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, leading their Africa research programme and continues to be an active member.

“The Mandela Legacy: The State of South Africa, Past, Present & Future”
Author: Martin Plaut
Publisher: Endeavour Press
September 2012
Priced £1.99 in eBook format

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