Condemn Rwanda’s support for M23 rebels in DRC, UK urged

The TG Foundation is deeply concerned by the advancement of M23 rebels into the metal rich town of Goma in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

According to UN experts, M23 rebels are backed by Rwanda.

Tatiana Giraud, CEO of the TG Foundation

The TG Foundation, which is an organisation helping victims of rape and sexual violence in the DRC, has been urging UK’s Foreign Secretary William Hague to issue a statement condemning the Rwandan Government’s alleged support for the M23 rebels.

The Foundation has also been urging the UK Government to put pressure on the UN Stabilization Mission in DRC (MONUSCO) and the UN to stop the further advancement of the M23 into Goma to prevent an escalation of violence against Congolese civilians.

Mr. Hague issued a statement saying he was “deeply concerned by the rapidly deteriorating security and humanitarian situation” in the eastern DRC caused by the M23’s military activities.

He strongly condemned the M23’s advance towards Goma and asked it “to immediately to desist from further violence.”

Mr. Hague added: “I am particularly concerned by the risk to civilians, the population of Goma and refugees in surrounding areas. I urge those with influence over M23 to call on them to stop fighting and not to provide them any external support. I call for a cessation of hostilities and for all parties to engage to resolve this crisis without further bloodshed.”

He asked all British nationals in Goma to leave the area.

In his statement condemning the M23’s advance towards Goma, Mr. Hague didn’t mention Rwanda’s alleged support for the rebels, as requested by the TG Foundation.

Tatiana Giraud, CEO of the TG Foundation is now appealing to all to email Mr. Hague asking him to explain what the UK Government is planning to do to prevent the M23 from invading Goma and what his position is towards Rwanda’s alleged backing of the M23. Here’ Mr. Hague’s email address:

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a