Work together to curb youth crime, UK Black churches leaders urged

Almost 11 years ago I supported an initiative where church leaders invited two Jamaican pastors to visit UK churches and share the message that if nothing is done to stem fatherlessness in the Black Community there would be an increase in crime and youth killings as had been the case in JA.

Ms Marcia Dixon

This has proven to be true, and yesterday we read that David Headlam, the son of a Bishop based in Harlesden, North West London was chased and stabbed to death in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Another youth has died. Another family will cry. Let this serve as the spur to church leaders across London to unite, meet and discuss what they can do to:
– work and minister to angry youth and gang members
– help to reconcile fathers to their children
– strengthen black families
– find ways to reach men and remind them that they have an important role to play in the lives of their children.

Maybe one thing churches can do is pool money to employ individuals who specialise in working with at risk youth. Also maybe it’s time to develop an army of volunteers who are skilled counsellors, therapists, etc., to provide counselling to angry children and their estranged fathers.

And lastly maybe it’s time for black churches leaders to consider launching their own united evangelistic efforts instead of always giving support to evangelists from oversees. Nothing wrong with doing so but…

These are just my thoughts but I welcome other ideas, suggestions as well as examples of good practise of youth work and working with families.

By Marcia Dixon