New Testament Church of God denies link to pastor convicted of sexual assaults

The New Testament Church of God (NTCG) has rejected claims that Mark Pearce who was recently convicted of three sexual assaults and a count of indecency against a child at Wolverhampton Crown Court was a pastor with the church.

The website of a local newspaper published an article claiming that Mr Pearce was a pastor of NTCG who presided over the Bilston branch of the church.
“The NTCG wants to make it clear that Mr Pearce has never been an ordained minister with the church, has never presided over the Bilston Branch nor any other branch in the denomination. He held the first rank of credentials as an exhorter, but this was revoked and he has ceased to be a member for over five years,” the NTCG said in a statement.

The NTCG, the statement added, “takes the welfare and protection of children and young people very seriously. The NTCG is a member of the Churches Child Protection Advisory Services (CCPAS) and all our church leaders have a Safeguarding Policy which provides guidelines on the procedures they should establish to ensure that the children who visit their premises are protected from harm and abuse.”
Bishop Eric Brown, National Overseer of the NTCG said: “We take seriously the welfare of children and vulnerable adults who are under our care and will do all in our power to ensure they do not come to harm, not least by any who provide service in our name. Crime against children in particular is reprehensible and perpetrators of such acts must be dealt with by the full force of the law.”