Cardinal Turkson: Keep working against poverty and injustice

Youth Ministry in England and Wales a life-changing adventure of making saints

All Christians should keep working against poverty and injustice, Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, has said.

Addressing over 700 adults engaged in Youth Ministry in England and Wales assembled in London on 12th March for a National Congress, Cardinal Turkson called on world leaders to keep their promises of investing in material poverty. He also challenged all to address spiritual poverty.

The theme of the Congress was: “Called to a Noble Adventure – A Vision for Youth Ministry”.

The Catholic Youth Ministry Federation (CYMFed) organised the event which brought together people who minister to over 100,000 young people per year.

The Congress, in part, prompted all to know that their calling and work makes a unique contribution to the mission of the Church.

It echoed one of the messages of Pope Benedict XVI during his last year’s visit to the country, that we should all “know our purpose”.

As children of God we should not be afraid, Fr. J-Glenn Murray, SJ, told the gathering. Saints of old lost their tempers and made mistakes. Our job is to make saints, he said.

Michelle Moran emphasised the need for authentic catechesis alongside experiential faith. We seriously need to ensure that our ministry has both of these things; without either it is lacking.

David Wells advised that if you lose your vocation, or the passion of love, then go back to the beginning of your dream, to the place where you first fell in love.

At this year’s Congress there was a sense of joy, community and a common purpose among those who gathered. CYMFed said: “Youth Ministry in England and Wales has to be a life-changing adventure of making saints because our God demands nothing less from us. It is an adventure of embracing the Gospel in its fullness and being radically transformed by it. It is an adventure full of love and the adventure continues following the announcement of Flame – a National Congress for Young People in March 2012.”