Beware of Witches in the Pulpit

Any church that takes you AWAY from God is NOT a church! That’s a witches coven you haven’t properly identified yet.

If you attend a church where women are being seduced by men and each other…or where guys are being turned out by members of the church staff…where kids are being molested…and that left you feeling anger and resentment towards God and other Christians: chances are, you sat under the influence of a demon in the pulpit.

Or a devil in the choir loft, a demon on the deacon board, etc. Some of you know exactly what I’m referring to.

They’re everywhere. And you need to learn how to identify these undercover agents of darkness who use the church and naiveté of the saints to destroy churches and wreck souls.

Church should nurture the spirit, heal and restore the mind and the body. It should also teach, instruct, correct errant anti-Christian thought patterns and rebuke sin when it’s present in the lives of the people.

The word pastor comes from the root definition of the word pasture. It denotes someone who watches over the welfare of a flock of sheep by tending to their needs, and safely leading them into the pasture daily, and back home again.

Basically, a pastor is a human leader of sheep. And I hate to say it, but sheep are basically dumb animals. Hence why they need a shepherd. Without the shepherd, the sheep are sitting ducks for any and every predator that’s out there.

Which is why a good pastor will protect his flock of sheep with his own life if he has to.

When I see a lot of the mess and nonsense taking place in churches today—like the Pastor in the picture above—I can instantly tell many shepherds are nothing more than wolves in shepherd’s clothing. Some of these places are so satanic in their behind the scenes actions, it’s little wonder folks aren’t flying around the church on broomsticks Sunday morning!

Be careful of any church where you find yourself caught up in ever increasing levels of sin the more you stay there. Something is definitely wrong with that church.

Also avoid little clique-ish clubs that form when certain members of the church gather ‘followers’ to themselves, and start smear campaigns against the good pastors and other church leaders.

And by all means: keep an eye out for the church ‘prophetess’ who folks can’t live without. She’s the one always claiming God’s got a blessing for you, but never advises you on how to get out of sin so you can live a decent, clean life.

I know I’m stepping on some toes here, and this could easily morph into an entire book. But suffice it to say: you need to be on the lookout. There are great churches all over the world, including in your town and city. You simply need to prayerfully seek them out.

But just like butterflies and singing birds make a summer afternoon beautiful: there are mosquitoes out seeking their next victim too.

Don’t let it be you!

By Mack Major
Author, Businessman and Social Commentator. His website is:
Mr Major is the author of Flip the Game and Sexy is Not Enough

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