Supermodel Ibukun’s relationship crashes

Rumours had it that he was dating some beauty queens

Multi award winning African Supermodel Ibukun Jegede is single once again.

Ibukun revealed to The AfroNews that he has just ended his relationship with his girlfriend in London because of his busy work schedule.

“My busy schedule isn’t permitting me. I work a lot and my plates are full. I study, model, I’m involved in active politics, work on several projects and run my company,” Ibukun said.

Rumours however had it that Ibukun was dating some beauty queens, what probably played a key role in his split with his girlfriend. But Ibukun has denied involvement with any beauty queen. “I know I have lot of female fans and majority of the queens see me as a mentor. I know people see me in events with them but I have nothing to do with them,” Ibukun said.

The 24 year old supermodel said he wasn’t in a rush to establish a new long lasting relationship.

Ibukun confirmed that he has launched a management consultancy company. The company is called Aniibol Limited, and will manage projects worldwide. “It’s pretty new but I am hoping for the best. I believe God is the foundation,” said the now single model.

Ibukun has been nominated for Fashion Finest Award as Best Male Model of the Year 2011. The award giving ceremony will take place on 22nd July 2011 in London.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a