Musonda Malama: Don’t let hurdles kill your dream

Miss Zambia UK Top Model has a soft spot for orphans and the less fortunate

Many people who aspire to become models easily become disheartened when they meet the first hurdles on their way. That’s the moment they realise that while modelling can be fun, it’s not an easy profession.

Musonda Malama, Miss Zambia UK Top Model didn’t allow the initial hurdles to discourage her from modelling. She’s proud of her achievements as a model and always willing to encourage aspiring models to pursue their dream with determination. “You have to love yourself as you are judged on your physical appearance first before anything else. So you need to be comfortable in your own skin so as not to be offended by casting directors or judges’ comments in competitions. Look after your skin and your body by eating healthy and exercising,” she advices aspiring models.

Asked why she chose to become a model, Musonda says: “I chose to become a model so I could have a platform to speak out for people less fortunate than myself especially orphaned children. Having lost a father at a young age, I know the pain of losing a parent and cannot imagine anything worse than not having both parents around to see you grow. As a model I am able to help raise awareness and funds for the street kids not only of Zambia but other countries too that may not have a voice for themselves.”

Musonda is currently setting up a care company to provide care for the elderly and disabled in their homes. “I hope that it grows into a bigger project and I am able to make a difference to many people’s lives through it,” she says.

She has been modelling for almost seven years now and she fully enjoys it. “It’s a great thing! You get to meet a lot of different people and travel to different places. I have been to so many different countries and it makes me feel really proud to represent my country.”

The Beauty Queen, who already represented Zambia at Miss Globe International 2010 in Saranda, Albania, will represent Zambia at Miss Global International 2011. The Grand Coronation Show will take place on 24th September 2011 in Jamaica. She will also represent Zambia at the Princess of the World Pageant, which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic in October.

Musonda is the youngest daughter in a family of four girls. “I’m very driven and always try to look at the brighter side of things,” she says.  

She enjoys listening to underground indie pop, dance music and country music. She also loves reading. “I read a lot of motivational books,” she says, adding that her favourite book is “Your Best life Now” by Joel Osteen.  Musonda’s favourite movie is “Remember the Titans” directed by Boaz Yakin, featuring Denzel Washington, Will Patton, Wood Harris, and Ryan Hurst.

She has had many memorable moments in her life but the two she easily remembers are when she was crowned Miss Zambia UK Top Model in 2008, and the last day of her law exams. “I just felt a sense of freedom as those law books had held me hostage for far too long!” she says.

Musonda is very proud of Zambia, her country of origin. “Zambia is a really peaceful country with 72 languages and the only time tribal distinctions are noticed is when they are being celebrated. It has beautiful landscapes, beautiful people and beautiful wildlife,” she says.

And she loves Zambian food. “I am a fussy eater so I tend to eat food am familiar with and don’t tend to experiment with other cultures. I love my Zambian food. I could eat Nshima (a Zambian dish made from maize meal), fried Fish and Beans every day! I love salad too. All sorts of salads I enjoy.”

Asked what she likes most about herself, Musonda says: “I like the fact that I get over things really quickly so I don’t hold grudges or dwell on past mistakes.”

This ambitious and hardworking young model is also a brilliant public speaker. “I get a thrill from standing in front of people and talking to them about anything and keeping their attention,” she says.

Musonda’s ideal man is a God fearing one who also has a good sense of humour and is confident. “A confident man is instantly attractive regardless of how he looks,” she says.

Full Name: Musonda Veronica Kamfwa Malama
Place of birth: Kitwe, Zambia
Height: 175 cm
Dress Size: 8 UK
Qualification: Law Degree
Eyes: brown
Hair Colour:  black
Contacts: Follow me @musrox on twitter or add me on

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a


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