You can’t buy your way into a woman’s heart

When a woman lets you have sex with her too easily, she’s actually conquering you in her own way. She tested you to see if you’re in trick mode or man mode.

Hear me out. The majority of women today don’t value their bodies as much as a man thinks. Hence why she’ll give her body away to many men throughout her lifetime: sometimes even carrying on sexual relationships with different men at the same time.

But a woman is very selective about who she gives her heart to. A lot of guys confuse this. Don’t confuse having SEX with having HER. Big difference.

Some of you fellas are really getting sloppy seconds anyway. You think you’re the ONLY one: when really you’re the OTHER one.

The main one is the guy who really has her heart. And he’s the one getting the freaky stuff you USED to get, but no longer do. We’re adults here: let’s have some real conversation!

Women categorize men subconsciously as two types: as either a mark or a maestro.

A mark is a guy who may temporarily fill a need in that woman’s life. It could be financial, a good image, stability, direction, a sense of belonging, validation. The list goes on.

A maestro on the other hand, has the ability to tap into the deeper parts of a woman’s soul. He’s not really aiming just for her body: he wants HER. The whole woman: imperfections, faults andlove all.

He doesn’t see a woman as the enemy: he sizes her up to see if she’s an ally. Maestros can pull out the very best in that woman for mutual benefit: and because of his deeper knowledge of her, she actually allows him to possess all of her, in the way few men have.

There is a deeper level to a woman than most men have been playing for. While you’re aiming for what’s between her thighs: somebody else could be shooting for what’s in between her ears. That’s the guy who can have ALL of her. Not just bits and pieces.

Strive to be the kind of man who can win a woman’s heart. You can’t buy your way into her heart. Neither can you sex your way into it.

You have to earn your way into her heart, by taking the time to truly understand her: her motivations, hurts, fears, pains, past, history, hopes, strengths, weaknesses, abilities. You have to make her your interest.

This is what a woman means when she says show her that you care, and its the little things that count. She wants to know that you’ve truly taken an interest in the deepest, truest part of her; not just the surface her that everyone gets to experience.

Can you penetrate her deeper layers? Or are you only content to just penetrate her labia? Think about it.

A woman is looking for a guy who ultimately wants HER: not just her flesh. If you’re a generally cool guy that she feels an attraction for, the average woman will eventually let you hit it.

But what she’s really hoping for is that you’ll be the man who can finally unlock HER: not just her legs.

The above is an excerpt taken from the ebook FLIP THE GAME by Mack Major, available right now for immediate download at: