What women really want from men they date

DateRaters feedback reveals what every man wants to know

A new survey has revealed what women really want and what they don’t want from the men they date.

DateRaters.com, the leading site for dating reviews and feedback, asked single women to provide feedback on their former dates.

Survey items from DateRaters’ Perfect Date Model comprised the four key dating dimensions – Physical, Intelligence, Emotional, and Social – and solicited both the positive and the negative aspects of the relationship and/or date.

“We have always emphasized the importance of providing honest and balanced feedback. Only in this way can they evaluate both the relationship and their date and provide everyone with the most accurate and helpful information for dating better in the future,” says DateRaters.com’s Chief Relationship Officer Russell Lobsenz, Ph.D.

Results pointed to a set of ideals women are seeking, as well as attempting to avoid in the men they date.

What Women Want: First Date
– Initial attraction to their date including physical attractiveness (“great looking, cute”)
– Charisma and confidence (“suave, charming”)

What Women Want: Dating and Relationships
– Communication (“listening, expressive”)
– Intelligence (“bright, intellectual, conversation depth”)
– Responsibility (“J-O-B”, independence”)
– Creativity and planning (“avoids winging dates”)
– Thoughtfulness (“sensitive, understanding”)
– Generosity (“token gifts, love letters, care packages”)

What Women Do Not Want: Dating and Relationships
– Emotionally unavailable (“depressed, refuses to share feelings”)
– Dishonest (“cheats, lies”)
– Selfish (“self-absorbed, all about him”)
– Seeking only a sexual relationship (“conquests, player”)
– Abusive (“verbal abuse, threatening”)